After Meme Bernie Sanders Sweatshirt on goes viral on social media was sold out within a minute


At the same time, now Bernie Sanders has reemerged on social media. Actually, now people on social media sweatshirt with the same photo of him(Sweatshirt) photo shared. The same viral photo of Bernie Sanders has also been printed on this sweat. You must be thinking that this is a joke. No, this is absolutely true. Sweatshirts with viral photos of Bernie Sands are also on sale. Not only this, as soon as this sweatshirt was shared online, it was also purchased in the blink of an eye.

The official Twitter account of People for Bernie shared a photo of the sweatshirt, in which Bernie Sanders sat cross-legged at the presidential inauguration. The price of this sweatshirt is 3,288 rupees (USD 45). He also shared a link to purchase the sweatshirt with the tweet, which read, “Official CHAIRMAN SANDERS SWEATER Made in USA, Union printed.

However, it was sold out soon after posting a link to the sweatshirt. The Twitter account shared the news with a picture that read, “Sold,” written on it.

As soon as the tweet was posted online, it immediately went viral. People liked this idea of ​​sweatshirt and the tweet got more than 5000 likes and many retweets. However, it was understood to the public that the sweatshirt had been sold and demanded to be brought back.

According to the website, 100 percent of the proceeds from the sale of sweatshirts will go to Wheels Vermont for food. This organization provides food to the elderly or the disabled under 60 years of age.


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