After Jaya Bachchan, Hema Malini also defends Bollywood, Bolin- If the clothes are stained, then wash them and clean them | Hema Malini also defended Bollywood, said – If the clothes are stained, then they need to be washed and cleaned.


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Hema Malini supported Jaya Bachchan's statement. Also said- the talk of drugs, etc., is happening everywhere. It is very much spread nowadays. Our industry must have come a little.

  • Hema said – because of some people you cannot wrap the whole industry
  • Without speaking Kangana's name – you can not say anything about anyone

Actress and MP Hema Malini has also come to the rescue of Bollywood. He says that I feel very sad when people talk bad things about Bollywood about things like drugs. Also, he also targeted Kangana Ranot without taking a name. Hema said this after Jaya Bachchan's statement in the Rajya Sabha, in which she said that you cannot discredit the entire film industry just because of some bad people.

In an interview to a channel, comparing the allegations leveled against Bollywood with the stains on clothes, Hema said, "These drugs and other things are happening everywhere." It is very much spread nowadays. Our industry must have come a little. Just as there is a stain in the clothes, but it gets washed out, similarly it is very much needed to be washed, but our industry is very good and beautiful. '

Asked about Kangana – how dare you

Without naming Kangana, Hema said, "Those who did not have the courage to talk, they are talking about anything nowadays, above any artist, it is very sad to see this." Today, you are talking about our big artists who have made a name for themselves by working here. How dare you? This is a wrong thing, you should respect them. '

You can't wrap the whole industry

Hema further said, "I have been in this industry for many years. I have received so much love here, today, if someone will talk wrong about the industry, I cannot see it." Hema said, "Drug If someone teased something about Addiction, then you are wrapping the whole industry in it, it is absolutely wrong. I want to tell people that Bollywood is a very beautiful place and a creative world, it is an industry of art and culture. "

No one gets success from nepotism

Regarding nepotism, Hema said, "Even before there was no such thing as nepotism." We have moved forward on our own. Have worked hard, made a name. All artists bring their own floors. Nobody can make anyone, but you have to work hard. Yes, the opportunity definitely comes from the grace of God.

Many producers' sons tried to enter the industry. If the son of a doctor becomes a doctor, the son of a lawyer becomes a lawyer, similarly the children of the film industry want to come to this field after seeing their parents, but not all of them are successful. "

Celebs Who Supported Jaya Hema Malini, Anubhav Sinha, Dia Mirza, Taapsee Pannu, Genelia Deshmukh, Sonam Kapoor, Farhan Akhtar, Sanjay Khan, Gulshan Devaiah.

Celebs Who Opposed Jaya Kangana Ranot, Ravi Kishan, Ranveer Shorey, Manoj Muntashir, Vivek Agnihotri, Raju Srivastava.

Sanjay Khan said – Bollywood has acted like an ambassador

Actor Sanjay Khan said, "What Jaya Bachchan has said in Parliament is correct." The contribution of this institution should be further understood, which we call Bollywood. It is the super soft power of India. Bollywood has acted as an ambassador in terms of increasing respect, love and engagement with the country.

The unemployed and insignificant elements of the industry should be shown responsibility, rather than being disrespectful about this loving family from whom they earn their bread. The media should show respect for the film industry and should not try to sensationalize the facts. "

Anubhav Sinha wrote – Spinal cord is like this

Anubhav Sinha wrote on Tuesday supporting Jaya Bachchan, "I send my best regards to Jaya Ji. Those who do not know, see. This is how the spine looks. "

Gulshan Devaiah said – this insult is not acceptable to us

Gulshan Devaiya said in support of Jaya Bachchan, "I feel humiliated when people name Bollywood in such things." I know that I should not take it to heart, because it is not for me, but this hatred is unnecessary and insensitive. Thousands of hard working honest people like me and me are here. Yet it seems that there is no sympathy left for us. We have been called from traitor to traitor. This is not acceptable to us. "

Ranveer Shorey targeted Jha

Actor Ranveer Shorey protested against Jaya Bachchan without naming anyone in the case, writing, "Those who have come out in defense of the filth of Bollywood are either 'gatekeepers', or are taking them on their own. If you do not like someone's whistleblowing or their freedom of expression, then you are free to exercise your freedom. Don't see what the commotion is about. "

Muntashir said – If there is poison, then it has to be cleaned

Lyricist and writer Manoj Muntashir tweeted two in this case. In the first tweet, he wrote, "If the film world is a plate, then this plate belongs to everyone." It eats away everyone's hunger and everyone earns bread to keep in this plate with their hard work. Nobody throws on someone's pieces. This plate has the seal of the constitution replacing ISI. This plate is not the inheritance of any one family, family or family. If any malignancy has served poison on this plate … then it is necessary to make holes in it … so that it can get out of the poison. ''

Agnihotri said – Thali few people have

Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri wrote in his tweet about Jaya's 'hole in the plate you eat', "First thing, the plate is silver." Secondly, only a few people have the plate. Those who have the plate are the king people or their crown prince. The rest is all rain. When the runk does not have a plate, how will they pierce it? Now it is time to replace the plate, not a hole in the plate. That's why so nervous, maybe. "

Raju Srivastava said – Drug syndicate should be investigated

Raju Srivastava released a video supporting the revision and appealed to the government that the drugs syndicate should be investigated. There should be cleanliness.

Jaya objected to calling the industry a gutter

Earlier on Tuesday morning, Jaya Bachchan said without naming anyone in the Rajya Sabha, "Those who earned wealth and fame from the film industry are calling it a gutter." I do not agree with this at all. I hope the government tells such people not to use such language. There are many people in the entertainment industry who pay the most taxes, yet they are being harassed. "

Making holes in the plate you are eating

Further targeting Ravi Kishan, he said, "You cannot tarnish the image of this industry just because of a select few people." Yesterday I felt very embarrassed when one of our members in the Lok Sabha, who is also from the film industry himself, spoke against the industry. it's embarrassing. They pierce the plate they eat. is a wrong thing. The industry needs protection and support from the government. "



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