After 12 hours of duty, the corporation recovered a fine of Rs 2,000 as soon as the mask was washed. | After 12 hours of duty, the doctor was removing the mask and washing his face, a fine of 2 thousand was imposed.

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  • After 12 Hours Of Duty, The Corporation Recovered A Fine Of Rs 2,000 As Soon As The Mask Was Washed.

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Ahmedabad10 minutes ago

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In Ahmedabad, there is more strictness on not wearing masks. Apart from the police, the Municipal Corporation teams are also constantly monitoring the rules of Corona.

Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation is very alert about not applying mask, but one incident has raised questions on this alertness. Actually, a doctor was washing his mouth after taking off the mask after 12 hours of duty. Meanwhile, the team of Municipal Corporation reached there and imposed a fine of 2 thousand.

The doctor at Sterling Hospital told NewsBust India that he was going home by car after duty. The mask was intended to be removed from the window without getting off the car.

The team did not listen to any arguments and fined

Meanwhile, the administration team came out making videos. The doctor showed his card and spoke for 12 consecutive hours of duty. He tried to convince the team that after continuous work, the face had been sweated out due to sweat, so he had to remove the mask just to wash his mouth. The doctor said that he was going to apply mask after washing his face. However, the team did not hear any arguments and imposed a fine. After filling the fine, the doctor was let go.

Municipal Corporation deployed 141 people
Police personnel in Ahmedabad are ready to follow the rules of Corona Unlock. Apart from this, a team of Municipal Corporation has been formed. These teams take action against those not wearing masks and spitting in public places. Such teams have been deployed in 7 zones of the city.


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