Afsana Khan Sings Titliaan Song In Beautiful Way Audience Get Excited Video Goes Viral – Afsana Khan sang Butterfly Song in a beautiful style


Afsana Khan sang ‘Butterfly Song’ in a beautiful style

Special things

  • Afsana Khan sang ‘Butterflies’ in a beautiful style
  • People present on the show started making videos and photographs
  • Afsana Khan’s video went viral

new Delhi:

Famous singer Afsana Khan has left no stone unturned to win the hearts of people with his song ‘Titliaan’. The song has rocked YouTube and many social media platforms. Hardy Sandhu and Sargun Mehta’s chemistry in the song is excellent, as well as Afsana Khan’s singing is also worth praising. At the same time, recently a video of Afsana Khan is also becoming very viral on social media, in which she is seen singing the song ‘Butterflies’ during a show. A crowd of people affected by his singing is also seen there.

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Afsana Khan has shared this video with his Instagram account, which has been liked more than 55 thousand so far. In the video, Afsana Khan is seen singing the song ‘Titliaan’ in tremendous style. Many people present there in the video are seen making videos and taking photographs of Afsana Khan. Afsana Khan’s fans are not tired of commenting about the video. Sharing this video, Afsana Khan wrote, “Soho Delhi, thank you. Lovers Ji thank you. We were very bummer, yet you liked …”


Let us know that the ‘Titliaan’ song of Afsana Khan has been seen more than 40 crores on YouTube so far, even today people do not get tired of praising the song. It has been only two months since the release of this song, but in a short time, the song has gained a lot of popularity. Butterfly Song has also proved to be the biggest song of the year 2020. After this, the second version of Butterflies i.e. Butterflies Varga was also released, which has been seen more than 5 crore times till now.


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