Adorable Golden Retriever Watch Star Wars villain Darth Vader Scared and Climbs Out of the Couch See Viral Video


The dog was watching the movie on TV, did something similar for fear of seeing the dreaded villain – watch video

On social media, the video of a dog is becoming increasingly viral, seeing which you too will laugh and laugh. A dog was having fun watching the Star Wars (Golden Retriever Watching Star Wars) movie on TV. As soon as he saw the villain Darth Vader for the first time, he did something out of fear, which no one expected. This funny video has been shared by former American basketball player Rex Chapman on Twitter. The Golden Retriever was sitting on the couch watching Star Wars with fun. Everything was fine, then the film’s villain Darth Vader arrived. Out of fear, he got up quickly and hid behind the couch and started watching the film.

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While sharing the video, Rex Chapman wrote in the caption, ‘Good boy Darth Vader after seeing him for the first time …’

See Video:

This video has been proved to be a hit on Twitter. This video has received 4 million views so far. Also, more than 2 lakh likes and 2 thousand comments have come. Reactions have also been given on this video by Mark Hamill, who played the character of Luke Skywalker in this series.

Users reacted to famous movies with videos of their pets. One of them wrote, “My good girl watching Mufasa’s scene in Lion King.”

Another user wrote, ‘My dog’s name is Emperor Pupatine, which has no problem with Darth Vader. But he does not like Yoda at all.


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