Adani Enterprises Share | Adani Group Share Recovery as Some Foreign Investor Accounts Frozen | Adani Group claims, news of foreign investors’ account freeze is wrong

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  • Adani Enterprises Share | Adani Group Share Recovery As Some Foreign Investor Accounts Frozen

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The shares of Adani Group companies had fallen in this way in the morning. It had recovery while later shutting down

  • Shares of Adani Green Energy managed to close at Rs 1,228 with marginal gains

There was a recovery in the shares of Adani Group companies by the closing of the market. Out of its 6 listed companies, Adani Green Energy’s stock was able to close at Rs 1,228 with a slight increase. However, shares of five companies declined.

The impact of the morning news on the shares

In fact, after the news of freezing the demat accounts of foreign investors in the morning, the shares of all the group companies fell drastically. By noon, the fall became more severe. However, later in the afternoon, the group disclosed this news on both the exchanges. The group said that this news has been published deliberately to discourage investors.

The group said, the news is wrong

The group said that the demat accounts of any foreign investors have not been frozen till June 14. No such action has been taken against any of the three foreign investors who have invested in our companies. This news has dented the reputation of the group along with the loss of investors. Adani Group said that in the interest of minority shareholders, we are disclosing that no such action has been taken.

Shares recovering from fall

At the close of the market, the share of Adani Enterprises closed at Rs 1508, down 5.84%, while it had fallen 22% in the morning. Adani Transmission, Adani Total Gas closed with a fall of 5-5% while the stock of Adani Port closed with a fall of 9.68%. Adani Power’s stock closed with a decline of 4.99%.

Shares of 6 listed companies fell

Earlier, the shares of 6 listed companies of Gautam Adani Group fell from 5% to 22% in the morning. Most of the shares of Adani Enterprises were broken in this. It fell 22% to Rs 1,200. It had closed at Rs 1,600 on Friday. After this, the shares of other companies also broke in the same way. Due to this, investors lost around Rs 50,000 crore in the opening hour.

Suspected investment of 3 foreign investors The reason for the fall in the shares was that SEBI caught three such foreign investors in the group companies, which are believed to be bogus. These three investors are – Albula Investment Fund, Cresta Fund and APMS Investment Fund. They are registered at the same address of Port Louis, the capital of Mauritius. They don’t have website. SEBI has frozen the investments of these three and investigation has started.

total Investment 43,500 crore rupees

According to the National Security Depository Limited (NSDL), the total investment of these three in Adani’s companies has been Rs 43,500 crore. These accounts were frozen because SEBI does not have information about them. Also, who is the owner of this money, it is also not known. Therefore, action has been taken against them under the Money Laundering Act. Although there is no issue of Adani Group in this, but it is investment in their shares, so the shares of this group have shown a decline.

investors of Adani enterprises In share 6.82%

These investors hold 6.82% stake in Adani Enterprises. Its value is Rs 12,008 crore. Adani Transmission has 8.03% investment and is valued at Rs 14,112 crore. Adani Total Gas holds 5.92% investment. Its value is Rs 10,578 crore. Whereas Adani Green Energy has an investment of 3.58%. Its value is Rs 6,861 crore.

year 2019 In KYC To whole to do of Order

In fact, in the year 2019, SEBI had ordered the completion of KYC of foreign investors by 2020 to prevent money laundering. These were to be completed under the new rules. Failing this, there was a rule to freeze his demat account. On this basis, the accounts of these three have been frozen. It is being said that SEBI has also started investigation on price manipulation in the shares of Adani Group companies, as these companies have given a lot of profit in a year.

Promoters’ stake

Among these companies, the promoters’ stake in Adani Enterprises, Adani Transmission and Adani Power is more than 74.29%. Foreign investors hold 20.51% in Adani Enterprises, 21.47% in Adani Total Gas, 20.30% in Adani Transmission, 21.47% in Adani Green Energy, 17.90% in Adani Port and 11.49% in Adani Power. The promoters hold the lowest stake in Adani Total Gas and Adani Green Energy at 56.29-56.29%.

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