Actress Urmila Matondkar says – Bollywood is being maligned – Actress Urmila Matondkar attacked Kangana Ranaut, said – Bollywood is being maligned

new Delhi:

The debate of nepotism, which started with the death of Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput, has now come to drugs. One after the other arrests in the drugs case are also being done in Mumbai. While Kangana Ranaut is on the target of Shiv Sena, on the other hand, now people have also become attackers on Jaya Bachchan. Bollywood actress Urmila Matondkar has spoken with NewsBust on all these issues. Urmila Matondkar said that Bollywood is being maligned. At the same time, he also attacked Kangana Ranaut's statements fiercely.

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On the issue of drugs, he said that if Bollywood has been a hangout of addicts, then how has it earned such a name in the country and the world. He said that I want to say with folded hands that the Prime Minister had also invited Bollywood artists to take Gandhiji's ideas to the people. I do not think the Prime Minister would like to call the wrong people with him. Bollywood has given one to one artist to the country. How can a drug addict move so much?

On Kangana Ranaut's tweet, Urmila Matondkar said that many things about Kangana Ranaut can be described as indecent. Even before the birth of Kangana Ji, Jaya Bachchan has worked in many women rights related films. He has always raised the voice for women and society. It is sad to say something on them. I want to ask Kangana ji, has Jaya ji and anyone from Bollywood made any personal statement on her?

Urmila Matondkar raised the question that why is Bollywood being targeted? He said that people who are being targeted have crores of rupees behind them, in such a situation, they want to avoid speaking anything openly. If Kangana has any information, then there must be an investigation. Also, he said that I condemn some words that were used against Kangana. But when she went to meet the Governor, she should have gone to the Norcotics Department. Right now Maharashtra is going through its difficult time. Right now everyone should fight together against Kovid.


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