Actor Siddharth Tweet On Metro Man E Sreedharan Expressed Desire To Become CM Of Kerala – Metro Man E Sreedharan expressed his desire to become CM of Kerala


Actor Siddharth tweeted about E Sreedharan

New Delhi:

Metroman E Sreedharan will now join the BJP and will also contest the assembly elections. He will formally attend the party’s Vijay Yatra on 21 February. E Sreedharan said on Friday that his main goal is to bring the party to power in Kerala and he will be ready to take over as Chief Minister. Actor Siddharth has given a reaction by tweeting on his statement. Siddharth says that he is a big fan of E Sreedharan and is excited that he joined BJP. However, Siddharth has also attacked him.

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Regarding E Sreedharan, actor Siddharth wrote in his tweet: “I am a big fan of E. Sreedharan Sir and his service to our country as a technocrat. I am very excited that he is BJP I have joined and want to become the next Chief Minister of Kerala. I feel that it will be a little early. According to me, he could have waited 10-15 years more. He is just 88 years old. ” Actor Siddharth has thus taunted E Sreedharan’s decision. His tweet is being read a lot.

Please tell that E Sreedharan said in his statement on Friday that if the BJP wins the assembly elections in April-May this year, then their focus is to develop the infrastructure on a large scale and the debt to the state Have to be removed from the net. Sreedharan, known as ‘Metro Man’ and has shown his skill in the development of large infrastructure-related projects, said that if the party wants it, it will contest the assembly elections and if the party says it can also take over as chief minister.


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