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Use of Acoustic Enclosures or Acoustic Canopy

By Vansh Sangwan - December 13, 2019

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For heavy equipment such as diesel generators, pumps, transformers, fuel processing machines and others, noise levels rise tremendously. Most of these devices run at very high noise levels, which not only irritate hearing but can harm our nerves. How do you manage with the help of Acoustic Enclosures or Acoustic Canopy against tremendous noise levels and how do you ensure security for those around and near them?

Use of Acoustic Enclosures or Acoustic Canopy
Acoustic Enclosures or Acoustic Canopy

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Acoustic Enclosures or Acoustic Canopy – The Best Solutions

DG set Acoustic Cabinets are the safest and specially designed options for noise control, by silencing the DG array and other large appliances with high sound. Once we know how sound systems work, let us gain a better understanding of the tone, noise analysis, various noise levels, and other information once purchasing the soundbox and other noise control devices. So let us make informed decisions.

Noise Levels and Measurements of Acoustic Canopy

The noise produced in a mechanical wave is detected as the wave travels through the medium leading to a minute movement in the material.

Two origins of Genset noise

The physical vibration of the complex moveable parts and system modules results in electrical noise. Smaller motors create more movement and distortion for their volume and lower cylinders. Noise from combustion emerges from the engine. It might include cooling fan noise, exhaust noise, alternator noise and induction noise generated by combustion from the engine.

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How Acoustic Enclosures Generators function?

In general, acoustic generators are acoustic chambers that monitor or reduce sound from heavy equipment. These are well built to muffle noise into an everlasting decibel. The acoustic product conducts other noise amplification and separation roles of soundproof acoustic enclosures.

Joint Services of Acoustic Enclosures or Acoustic Canopy

These are the soundproof enclosures systems

  1. Systems for horizontal stability used primarily in the aerospace industry;
  2. External heat pumps attached to air conditioning systems, heating supply, and condenser modules.
  3. Noise canopy unit and engine
  4. Need to create drumming sound for loom machines
  5. Generators of gas and diesel
  6. Command and ventilation spaces and departments
  7. Noise security for workers in a noisy environment Noise Shelters
  8. Test cells to defend engineers from noise by the screening of production lines
  9. Sound absorbing boards are mounted in sound enclosures, to eliminate buildings noise retention and refractive. These were often wall-mounted or hanging from the building.

Why use Acoustic Enclosures?

We’ve taken superlative Acoustic Enclosures makers to India to overcome the problem of noise pollution from various industries. The acoustic enclosures have minimal noise pollution and make the environment in the area great. Our sound enclosures meet with the National Pollution Control Boards guidelines. Today, we have created a niche as one of India’s leading manufacturers of Noise Monitoring and Noise Control Enclosures.

Acoustic Enclosures for Turbines
  1. Increased noise reduction in worker efficiency.
  2. The modular design of boxes is easy to install
  3. Boxes are designed to reduce model sound. So, to ensure the right working environment, you should retain the necessary tone.
  4. While the boxes are through, limited maintenance for non-moving parts is needed.
  5. It also aims to conform to sound control-based government standards.

Products used in the development of acoustic Enclosures

  • Acoustic Panels/Barriers – Steel panels were commonly used to include equipment to ensure maximum acoustic performance.
  • Acoustic Attenuates and Louvre – This is used for enabling the ventilation to reduce the sound in varying amounts. The sound streaming along the air passage is designed for command.
  • Isolation pads/mounts – Such enclosures are mounted on isolators or concrete pads to prevent sound waves moving across land and air.
  • Weatherproof enclosures – These are long-lasting and often used in heavy drought, summer, and winter.
  • Acoustic Doors – For simple machine repair manual entry into the enclosures.
  • Acoustic Insulation – The inside is commonly used for noise processing and to keep it from moving back.

Epic Characteristics

A few interesting features include double or single-louver windows, good sound quality, entrance panels, high-power exhaust attenuators, sound panel doors, weather cowls, and loudspeakers. The features of air source heat pump boxes are vertical or horizontal intake gas attenuators. Acoustic windows offer sensory exposure from loud machines at a safe distance for production processes and production line control.


Manufacturers of Ecotone acoustic enclosures manufacture acoustic enclosures using the outer steel frame of fireproof acoustic insulation, the walls of the container are well protected. Each box has side doors and screen display windows here. The attenuators were checked to meet performance requirements. An attenuator is an air transfer system that regulates and facilitates most air transmission in a generator. Attenuator. There is forced air between sound absorption splitters and wavelength regulation.

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