Accused of cyber attack on Chinese citizens, computer network of Indian government also targeted


Government warns of large scale cyber attack, personal and financial information can be stolen under the cover of Corona

According to a statement from the Department of Justice, Malaysian citizens were arrested on Sunday and Chinese citizens were declared fugitives. Rosen also criticized the Chinese government. The Deputy Attorney General said, "The Department of Justice used every available technology to thwart cyber attacks of these Chinese citizens and attempts to break into the computer." Computers outside China were targeted at the instigation of the Chinese Communist Party and information on intellectual property rights, helpful to China, was stolen.

"In 2019, the conspirators targeted the Indian government websites as well as the Indian government's subsidiary virtual private network and database server," the indictment said. The conspirators used the VPS provider server to break into the Indian government's VPN network. The hackers installed 'Cobalt Strike' malware on protected computers of the Indian government.

Exclusive: Government admitted Cyber ​​attack on Kudankulam nuclear power plant

According to the allegations, the burglary affected the computer networks of more than 100 companies in the US and abroad. Software development, computer hardware, telecommunications, social media, video game companies also became targets of hackers. Computers of non-governmental organizations, universities, think tanks, pro-democracy leaders and activists in Hong Kong were also targeted.

The indictment states that Chinese hackers also used computers of companies, organizations and people from Australia, Brazil, Chile, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Pakistan, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam and UK, besides the US Targeted

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