Abhishek Verma will target for medal, Vikas will start in boxing; Men’s hockey match against New Zealand and women’s team from Holland | Abhishek Verma will target for medal, Vikas will start in boxing; Men’s hockey match against New Zealand and women’s team from Holland

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  • Abhishek Verma Will Target For Medal, Vikas Will Start In Boxing; Men’s Hockey Match Against New Zealand And Women’s Team From Holland

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The Olympics have started. Today there will be 4 matches of Haryana players. Shooter Abhishek Verma will be seen aiming in 10m air pistol. At the same time, boxer Vikas Krishnan will play. If the Indian men’s hockey team wants to repeat the golden history, then the women’s team will be in the field to convert the gloomy memories of the Olympics into a happy beginning. Indian men’s hockey team and Vikas Yadav can start with a win, while women’s hockey team will be successful if they manage to stop Howland on a draw. Know from the experts the strength and challenges of the players…

Shooting – Abhishek’s way to medal is easy due to China and Korea not participating

Abhishek Verma has a strong claim in the 10 meter air pistol. The road to the medal is also becoming easier because this time neither China nor Korea has a challenge. If he manages to give his best here, then surely a new history in Indian shooting will be his name.

have to: Be completely still while shooting. Keep emotions under control till the last shot. Due to which full focus is on the game. Have mental strength.

To avoid: Avoid getting under pressure. Do not deviate from your rhythm and whenever you feel that defeat is near, do your best to save the mind from getting distracted. When the mind wanders the target also wanders.

Number one shooter in the world: Prepared for his UPSC for BTech, but did not feel like shooting amateurs while studying law. After winning the medal in Inter University, it seemed that future can be made in this too. Asked for only one year from the family and trained in Gurugram. Today he is the number one shooter in the world.As told by former world number one Ankur Mittal

Hockey team – play your aggressive game player, avoid overconfidence

Indian hockey team has won 8 gold in Olympics so far. Will land on Saturday with the target of ninth gold. The men will face New Zealand’s challenge. At the same time, the first challenge of the women’s team is not easy. A strong Holland team will definitely take India’s test. The team needs to stop in solidarity.

have to: You have to keep yourself aggressive constantly. Instead of long passes, you need to do balanced passes. You will have to attack yourself and move forward, only then you will be able to bring the opposition under pressure.

Don’t do this: The pressure of the opposition team is not to be ingrained in the mind. Have confidence in your performance. One has to move forward by avoiding overconfidence. The team will have to avoid using too much.

Confidence: Sumit Kumar has the ability to move the ball all the way. At the same time, Surendra Palad is strong in defence. The women’s team started playing in the Olympics from 1980, but the Olympic medal could not be achieved. The team has changed over time. Won many competitions. As told by former Olympian Pritam Siwach and former assistant coach Sandeep Sangwan

Boxing – The boxer who qualified green, competed with the same today

There can’t be a better start for any player than this. The boxer who was defeated 5-0 in a one-sided fashion won his third and first Olympic quota for the country. Today there will be a match between Vikas Yadav and Japan’s Sevoneratus Ozaka.

have to: Don’t give up on the attacking style with the natural game. You have to keep changing the movement of your feet. After applying your punch wisely, defend yourself with confidence.
Don’t do this: The Japanese boxer is not to be underestimated. Over enthusiasm has to be avoided. He will also have the advantage of being the host boxer. The upper cut has to be protected.

Medal contenders: In the first Olympics, the victims of wrong decisions then failed due to not being able to keep pace with the weight, but today the world will see the changed development. Believes in counter attacking and knocking out the front. The claim for the medal is confirmed. –As told by boxing coach JS Patil

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