aaj ka jeevan mantra by pandit vijayshankar mehta, life management story by pandit vijayshankar mehta, ved vyas story | If we want to get knowledge from a scholar, then our behavior and thinking should also be high

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38 minutes ago

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  • Ved Vyas sent Shukdev to King Janak to seek knowledge, then first the gatekeeper asked Shukdev some questions.

story- Ved Vyasa edited the four Vedas, composed the Mahabharata. His son Shukdev did not want to get married. Then Vyasji sent him to King Janak to understand the family.

King Janaka was a great scholar. Janak’s married life was ideal at that time. Even after being a householder, he was recluse. At the behest of his father, Shukdev went to meet King Janaka. On the way, they were wondering what would I talk to a king?

After some time Shukdev reached the gate of Janak’s palace. The gatekeeper stopped Shukdev there. When Shukdev said that he had to meet the king, the gatekeeper said that first you have to answer our question, only then you can meet the king.

Janak’s gatekeeper was also a great scholar. He asked Shukdev, tell me what are happiness and sorrow?

Shukdev was also intelligent. He said, ‘It is foolish to see happiness and sorrow separately. These are two sides of the same coin. Happiness will come in life, if ever there will be sadness. Their movement goes on and on. Just the point of view is important.

The gatekeeper asked the second question, who is the greatest enemy and greatest friend of man?

Shukdev replied that man’s greatest enemy and greatest friend is himself.

Hearing these answers, the gatekeeper said, ‘You are a scholar. There is logic in your answers. You can meet King Janak. ‘

Learning– Your preparation should be done with full depth. In order to meet a learned person, our behavior should also be of their level. When you go to a scholar, every step you have to take is a test. You also have to succeed in your examinations with your understanding.


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