Aahana Kumra Interview For Forbidden Love Rules Of The Game Chandan Roy Sanyal

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Aahana Kumra gave an interview

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  • Ahana Kumra gave an interview
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new Delhi:

Four big National Award winning directors are ready to entertain everyone with their films on G5. Two films of 'Forbidden Love', 'Arranged Marriage' and 'Anamika) have been released on 9 September. At the same time, the remaining two films 'Rules of the Game' and 'Diagnosis of Love' are to be released on 24 September. 'There is a lot of excitement among the fans regarding both films. Rules of the game will star Aahana Kumra and Chandan Roy Sanyal in the lead roles. Recently, Ahana had a special conversation with NewsBust about her film. During this time, he shared many things about his experience in the film.

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Aahana Kumra Interview was asked how she had the experience of working in the film, so the actress said, "It was very exciting. Something was different because I have never played such a character. She was a little cynical. -C is a character. I think there was something different, something different and something new. This story is based on the life of a husband and wife. The wife has to do something new in her life. She is very bored in her life It's done. So she starts playing a roadside game one day. Coming home and tells her husband, she says that she does something exciting in her life, play games. She starts playing games in order to do something exciting. Let's do. And how do they get caught up in the game. That's the story. Enjoyed it a lot. "

At the same time, when actress Aahana Kumra was asked, 'Often that romance does not survive after a few years of weddings, what is your opinion about it?' On this, the actress said, "Marriage is not my marriage, so I look at others and form my opinion. Meaning I have many friends, who say that marriage is not a matter of everybody. Everyone cannot marry, everybody can marry We are not meant to be. But our society is such that it shows that if you do not get married then your life will not progress. So I think marriage should be done when you are fully ready. If you have not eaten wedding laddus then do not regret it, then do not regret it, then it is not known until you do it.

Regarding her bonding with Chandan Roy Sanyal, Aahana Kumra said, "We are both very good friends. I got to know them very well after the film. I always work on stage with Chandan Wanted, but I did not get a chance. I enjoyed working with him in the film. He is a person who is very experimental. He tries to innovate a lot and I like these people very much. It's fun to work with, because you get to learn a lot. "

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