A woman can be a nurse to clean up vomiting, but a doctor cannot do brain surgery. Men feel that women can clean up the vomiting as a nurse, but they cannot do brain surgery as a doctor.


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  • A woman is considered weak at first sight, until she proves herself
  • A man is considered strong until he proves it wrong.

Going by the year 2020, he is in a mood of turmoil. The democracy became the first woman vice-president in the US, about 250 years old. As if this is not enough, her husband announced to leave the job to share his wife’s hand. Here we also see deadly scenes. Till now became two millionaires in the 12th season of the TV show ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’. Both women. Those women sitting in front of Amitabh Bachchan on the hot seat were very comfortable with their cargo. For example, knowing about different topics is as natural as breathing for them.

They had answers – questions whether it is about politics, film, or any religion. Returning by winning was not the pride boasted on the faces of those winners, but the joy of returning with full play. As soon as the promo of the episode appeared on TV, Sursuuri missed her leg. News was written one after the other. Read it will feel as if their victory is a slap on the face of the male caste. It is as if the sleeping manhood is being shaken that look, now even women started winning. Mian, now come to your senses

This is not the first time, the same situation happens every year as the board results. News headlines sing – Girls beat the boys … At first glance, this is a very light headline. Showing girls strong. But even if there is little experience in the eyes, it is immediately understood that this headline is less celebrating the victory of girls, more shame on boys’ defeat. A media filled with men often puts their personal pain on the victory of women.

By the way, so far the victory of the men was exactly the same, as only one player descending in the match. Without any interruption he went on winning and won so much that the victory became part of his body. From village squares to the glittering drawing rooms of the cities, men were everywhere, who discussed politics … used to play whistles on cricket’s sixes and shed some knowledge on the law. So much knowledge that after seeing the crocodile, which is on the banks of the Nile River, even tell its breed

Here goofy men of knowledgeable men gallop in the pallu waist and run away from here to face the chowka and then do the work of the field. Or if the field is empty, the festival would have waited. Now even if such a woman knows, what good! All his mathematics would have been lost in the kitchen. All the general knowledge was spent in the village’s relatives. As a result, the wise man declared with astonishment that women neither belong to the country or the world, nor did they do politics. What to say about science and mathematics.

Then the same thing happened. The lady with turmeric and spices kept the books wrapped in silk saris she got at the wedding and was shelved. That has been the case since then. The woman is considered weak at first sight, until she proves herself. Conversely, a man is considered strong or knowledgeable until he proves it wrong.

This doubleness was not only within the men, but unfortunately in the blood of women, this fear started flowing for itself. It is called Goldberg paradigm in the language of research. Under this, men and women from all over the world were taught something. Before teaching, it was told that the article is of such and such man. Another group was given the same article to read as a woman. After reading the two groups had a very different opinion. The same article was called brilliant by those whom he thought were written by a man. At the same time, the same words were found by the woman but very few numbers.

That is, the issue is not about the information, but who did the work – the man or the woman. Mard Jamaat did many research to describe himself as transparent. Took out a picture of a masculine mind. Careful in heavy words, the woman said that the woman is actually better than the man in singing, aromatic cooking and handling children. In a woman, the kidney is a part of mothering like a liver. She can clean up the vomiting as a nurse, but cannot do brain surgery as a doctor.

Many men cheating profusely, almost cried out that if women forget the map, it is their fault, not their nature. He did not give the mind to the woman. Overall, all these discoveries were made with the thunder of the remaining logical women. Now the question arises that if the left part of the woman’s brain is more sharp then how is the crowd of male artists in the art gallery. Why a woman who could write her own books became the subject of books. There are a lot of questions. The Guerrilla Girls, a group of unnamed female artists, did a study. It found that only 4 percent of women in modern art are female artists. Even after this, 76 per cent of the collection of naked pictures is littered with photographs of women.

Now slowly, the mushroom of the right questions has started growing. Very slowly, women are unpacking the unbuttoned book worn in silk sari. now it’s your turn. Instead of calling women victories in General Knowledge, congratulate them openly. Stop calling math or science as the subject of men and you should get the organ named Mamta transplanted next to the kidney. Then the scope will increase for both.


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