A building declared containment zone after receiving more than 20 corona positives in Gurugram – A building declared container zone after receiving more than 20 corona positives in Gurugram


Gurugram Apartment Complex has been declared as a Containment Zone. (File)


After finding 20 patients of corona virus in a residential building in Gurugram, the Gurgaon Apartment Containment Zone has been declared. This has been reported by ANI quoting the District Health Officer.

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District Health Department official J Prakash said that 3 people were found corona positive earlier in the building. After this, taking precautions, samples of other people around them were taken, which were found to be Corona Positive. District health officials have decided to carry out a intensive campaign to investigate Corona here.

This apartment complex is in Sector 67 of Gurugram. Prakash said that only after receiving the first three cases, we set up a testing camp here, in which the Containment Zone has been declared after receiving 20 patients. More investigations are being conducted. Significantly, in some states including Maharashtra, Punjab and Kerala, the cases of corona are constantly increasing. The cases are being seen increasing again amidst the extensive vaccination campaign in the country.

(With input of ANI)


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