A boat sank in the Chambal river Gotha village of Bundi District – Boat immersed in river while crossing Chambal river, more than 50 people were ridden, 6 died


A large number of villagers have reached the spot


Information about a major accident is coming near Gotha Kala village on the border of Bundi district. Here a boat sank crossing the Chambar river. According to the information received, more than 50 people including women and children are being told in the boat. Apart from people, motorcycles of villagers were also kept in the boat. Many people are feared to have drowned in the river in this accident. Rescue team reached the spot, so far the bodies of 6 people have been taken out. A large number of villagers reached the incident site and are engaged in rescue and relief work at their level. Police and administration have also reached the spot.

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On getting the information of the accident, rescue and relief teams have also left from Kota. Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla has expressed concern over this incident. The Lok Sabha Speaker's office is in constant contact with the district administration. Here the District Collector and SP took the information of the accident and the top officials have left for the spot. According to the information, the boat suddenly became unbalanced and started filling with water. Seeing the boat sinking, some people jumped into the river, after which the boat also sank into the water.

People who knew how to swim have come out of the river after swimming. It is not yet known how many people are immersed in the river. There are hundreds of villagers on the spot, people are being searched on a war footing.


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