9 Year Old Reveals Suicidal Thoughts Because Of Bullies At School

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#StopBullying is trending because of this video. But that is not enough!!! Quaden Bayles is just 9 years old and in so much pain from the daily taunting of his classmates that he wants to end his life. His mother does not blame the school, but we do!!! And EVERY school needs to do a better job of teaching our children about those that are different. From a very young age.

This is one of the most crushing things we’ve ever seen! This poor soul’s pain is palpable and we hope his family is able to homeschool him and get him the resources he needs to work through this horrific time.

You are special and loved, Quaden!!

CLICK HERE if you would like to donate to a GoFundMe set up for him!

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