8 lions in Hyderabad zoo have SARS-CoV2, No Risk to Humans: Center


The Center has said that the virus detected in the lions is not a cause of concern for humans.

New Delhi:

Eight kept in hyderabad ju Asiatic Lions (Asiatic lions) Respiratory distress has been detected after SARS-CoV2 virus contact. On Tuesday, the Ministry of Forest and Environment has been told that these eight lions have been isolated and the treatment is affecting them. The Center has said that the virus detected in the lions is not a cause for concern for humans. There is no evidence of its spread from animals. Along with this, the government has also requested the media to be cautious in reporting the matter.

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“On April 24, with caution, eight Asiatic lion samples (from the nose, throat and respiratory tract after anesthesia) were taken at Nehru Zoological Park, Hyderabad,” the release said. There were signs of shortness of breath in it. According to this, after detailed diagnostic tests, it has now been confirmed that the lions have been found positive for the SARS-CoV2 virus. Further investigation has revealed that this infection is not a cause of any concern to humans.

It has been said from the central government that lions are behaving normally and they are eating well. Preventive measures have been taken for the entire staff. The zoo is closed so that the external contact is minimized. The Central Zoo Authority (CZA) has taken all the precautionary measures and issued guidelines due to the increase in cases of SARS CoV-2. It has been said by CZA, “Based on the experience of other Zoo animals in the world, it has been found that there is no evidence that this virus spread from humans to humans.” The media has also been urged to take extreme caution regarding its reporting.


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