750 buses parked, 21 crore lost 2000 drivers and conductors unemployed; Many bus operators had to change their business | 2000 driver and conductor unemployed; Many bus operators had to change occupation

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  • 750 Buses Parked, 21 Crore Lost 2000 Drivers and Conductors Unemployed; Many Bus Operators Had To Change Their Business

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The loss of 15 lakhs is happening every day to the operators of the city.

For the last one and a half months, strict curfew due to corona and mini lockdown has affected the tourism sector so much that the situation has worsened. In December-January, where the trend towards tourism gradually started increasing and booking of buses started. But as soon as April strict curfew and mini lockdown were imposed.

With this, the situation of tourist service buses running point to point has started to worsen again. In the last one and a half months alone, 120 crores have been lost across the state. While a loss of 21 crores has been done in Surat.

Actually it was the season of weddings, in which buses were also booked. But as soon as the terrible outbreak of Corona spread, all the bookings began to be canceled. The situation is that now the buses have been converted to non-use and the buses have been parked. Due to the loss of millions daily, about 900 bus operators have to change their business and about 2 thousand people working in these buses have become unemployed.

The loss of buses is happening like this

  • 18,000 luxury private buses ply 12000 buses in Gujarat
  • 3500 luxury private buses affect 750 in Surat
  • 90,000 rupees spent behind each bus
  • 800 crores Loss of tour package in Gujarat

Loss of 1.5 million daily
The buses running in the city are causing a loss of 15 lakhs daily due to the mini lock down. Bus operators said that the staff’s expenses have not been met since last month. After Corona, the demand for bookings started increasing from October, due to which we have started to make up for the loss.

But from April onwards, the night curfew and mini lock-down have again started fearing lockdown among the people, buses are being forced to stand. 10% of bookings could not be found as compared to last year and among those received, most of the short tour packages are there. Which was inside the state. All package tour buckets with long distances are empty, meaning bookings have been reduced to zero. With the mini lock down, now the situation is back to being the same again. All buses are parked.

70 crore booking for long destination tour package in the same month in 2019

Bus tour package from surat

  • Goa 122 Trip
  • Kerala 91 Trip
  • Haridwar 42 Trip
  • Delhi 133 Trip
  • Manali 50 Trip
  • Rajasthan 223 Trip
  • Uttarakhand 79 Trip

12 thousand buses affected throughout the state

According to the All-Gujarat Vehicle Operator Mahamandal, a total of 12 thousand buses operate in the entire state of Gujarat. Out of this, around 750 buses operate from Surat. Which leaves for various cities of the state besides Rajasthan, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh. These buses run at a point to point long distance but now the situation is that these buses have come to a complete standstill. A large number of bus bookings have been canceled.

Not yet assured tax rebate
We have demanded from the government that due to corona, business has not been done throughout the year. In such a situation, tax exemption is given but till now no assurance has been received. Now all our buses have been completely affected due to the curfew mini lock down since April. The situation is that there has been a huge loss in only one and a half months, our people are sitting unemployed. Even many have changed their businesses and are nearing death.
-Rajesh Prajapati, Vice Secretary, All gujarat vehicle operator mahamandal

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