7 year old autistic kid is China’s youngest yoga teacher has earned more than 11 lakh per month | Despite autism, started doing yoga at the age of 2, became a celebrity by the age of 7 and now the richest child of his age

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  • 7 Year Old Autistic Kid Is China’s Youngest Yoga Teacher Has Earned More Than 11 Lakh Per Month

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11’s Sun Chuang is teaching yoga to the people of China. So far two records have been made in Sun’s name. First, he is the youngest yoga teacher in China. Second, Soon’s earning is Rs 10.90 lakh per month, making him the richest person of his age in China. Due to the art of doing difficult yogasanas easily and teaching people, Soon is earning a name all over the world.

Youngest Certified Yoga Trainer
According to Chinese media, Soon is the youngest certified yoga trainer in the world. Su, a resident of Zhejiang, China’s eastern province, trains people in ancient Indian yoga. Many big yoga centers in China have offered to train him in their institute.

Trended more than 100 people
Soon started yoga at the age of 2. By the age of 6, due to yoga, he became famous in China. At the age of 7, Soon had made a mark as a yoga celebrity in China. Soon so far more than 100 people have been trained in yoga.

Autism defeated with yoga
Sun’s mother says, at the age of less than 2 years it was found that Sun is suffering from a disease called autism. So at the age of 2 he was taken to the Yoga Center. There he started learning yoga. Due to yoga, his talent came in front of people and the disease named autism was completely eradicated.

It has been claimed in many research that autism can be eliminated by yoga. If children suffering from this are given yoga, then their physical and mental development starts showing improvement.

Soon’s mother also took yoga training
According to Chinese media, Soon’s mother also took yoga training to improve the son’s life. They believe that the son has received yoga as a gift from God.

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