7 months ago, why is Prashant Kishore out of Bihar considering to change Bihar's politics? | Why is Prashant Kishore now claiming to change Bihar politics 6 months ago?

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  • 7 Months Ago, Why Is Prashant Kishore Out Of Bihar Claiming To Change Bihar's Politics?

new Delhi20 minutes agoAuthor: Vikas Kumar

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After being expelled from the Janata Dal United (JDU), election strategist Prashant Kishore announced a press conference on 18 February to start a campaign called 'Baat Bihar Ki'.

  • Experts say that Prashant Kishore has put his full strength in West Bengal at this time, he wants to win Mamta Banerjee elections
  • There is also a report that Prashant Kishore has met the Chief Minister of Punjab recently, he may get a big post in Punjab.

In February this year, former JDU leader and election strategist Prashant Kishor held a press conference in Patna. He was speaking to the media for the first time after his exit from JDU. A photo of Mahatma Gandhi was attached to the place where Prashant was sitting and one of his statements was written "The best politics is right action".

Today, after six months, it seems that Prashant Kishore could not understand this sentence. Even if they were able to understand, they were not able to put it into practice. "Action" has disappeared from his politics. At the same press conference, Prashant Kishore started a campaign called 'Baat Bihar Ki'.

Then he had said, 'I will only go to every panchayat, block and village of Bihar for the next hundred days. Out of the 8800 panchayats of Bihar, I will choose one thousand such people, who will understand that Bihar should stand in the leading states of the country in the next ten years.

But a hundred days away, Prashant Kishore did not stay in Bihar for the next thirty days. The office was open in Patna's Exhibition Road. Hundred to one hundred and fifty people were working. His campaign in Bihar had the effect that long lines used to take place outside the office in the morning to register themselves.

All this changed by the end of March. The office was closed. The crowd disappeared. Prashant Kishore himself moved out of Patna. In Patna, those who were working for him and his company I-Pack got engaged in 'Mission Bungalow'. The question arises why did it happen right away? Why did Prashant Kishor, who launched a campaign with full fervor in February, go cold after a month?

Senior journalist Amarnath Tiwari, who wrote for The Hindu, an English newspaper from Bihar, says, "Look… Prashant Kishore is a pure business man." They think the same way. Here he had opened a front against the government. In such a situation, you cannot work in Patna by having a big office, a big team.

'The government was turned against him. A political person can clash with the government. People have also collided, but when you are doing business, it is difficult to confront the government. If you clash, then it becomes more difficult to work and stay there. Especially when you have Nitish Kumar in front of you, who plays his enmity for a long time.

Today when Bihar has a few days left to announce the assembly elections. Political parties are beating the beat. New equations are being created, so the question arises that where are the Prashant Kishore and what are they doing?

Prashant Kishore joined JDU two years ago. He was made the national vice president of JDU.

Prashant Kishore joined JDU two years ago. He was made the national vice president of JDU.

Experts say that Prashant Kishore has put his full strength in West Bengal at this time. They want Mamata Banerjee to win the next election. It is also reported that Prashant Kishore has met Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh in the past and he may get a big post in Punjab.

So are Prashant Kishore out of Bihar only looking for new opportunities? Congress leader Shashwat Gautam, who complained to the police by accusing Prashant Kishore of content piracy, does not think so. He says, 'Prashant Kishore has not got bail from the court. In such a situation, if they go to Bihar today, the police will arrest them. They are running to avoid arrest. '

The police case that Saswat Gautham is referring to was lodged on 27 February this year. Gautam had alleged that Prashant Kishore had stolen the contents of his plan and launched it as 'Baat Bihar Ki', calling it his own. Police registered a case against Prashant Kishore under sections 420 and 406 of the IPC on the complaint of Shashwat Gautam. At present, this matter is in court.

So is the police action the reason that kept Prashant Kishor away from Bihar? Amarnath Tiwari does not think so. He says, 'Its scope seems a little low. They are not coming, because they know that the atmosphere in Bihar is not right for them at the moment.

'So they keep interviewing big journalists in Delhi and making their presence known. One thing must be understood about Prashant Kishore that he is in the business of contesting elections. This is his business. A person who does business, sees profit and loss in his every move. '

A large section of Bihar considers Prashant Kishore as a 'business man'. Election pundits who have a deep understanding of the state's politics also believe that they made a wrong assessment about Bihar. Opened the front without a thought and when all was shattered, he left.

Whatever the reason, but it is so clear that when the electoral riot ground in Bihar is getting ready, then Prashant Kishore, who is contesting and claiming the riots, is missing. Because of this, the electoral pundits of Bihar are raising many serious questions about the politics of the state.

NewsBust India tried to contact him to answer all the questions about Prashant Kishore, the allegations leveled against him and to know his side, but it was not possible. After this, we sent a list of questions on his WhatsApp. There was no response from his side until twenty four hours after sending the question.


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