6 Bridges Washed Away In 3 Days, MP Government Forms Committee To Find Possible Design Flaws

1) Ratangarh-Basai bridge was built in 2010 and the cost was 5.9 crores
2) Indergarh-Pichhore bridge built in 2013 cost 10 crores
3) The bridge over Datia-Sevdha was built in 1982 but the cost record is not available
4) There is no record of the bridge being built in 1985 in Girdharpur-Manpur in Sheopur district.
5) Sheopur-Baroda bridge built in 2013 cost 3.94 crores
6) In Gorai-Adokhar of Bhind, in 2017 a bridge was built with 13.71 crores

Former Chief Minister Kamal Nath wrote on the tweet that Ratangarh due to rain in Datia district of the state, after the launch, now the incident of Sankuan bridge flowing is very serious and worrying? Just a few years ago, this bridge built at a cost of crores got washed away like a leaf in the rain water. How is the construction work? There should be a high level inquiry into this whole matter, accountability should be fixed.

The government has constituted a three-member committee for investigation under the chairmanship of the superintending engineer, which has to submit the report in 7 days. PWD Minister Gopal Bhargava told NewsBust, “It is true that severe damage has been done in Gwalior Chambal… As soon as the rain ends, the damage is being assessed, the water comes down… Survey the bridges which are broken. Are… a committee of engineers has been formed which will find out whether there was any deficiency in the design or in the quality.”

In Madhya Pradesh, a total of 1225 villages of Shivpuri, Sheopur, Datia, Gwalior, Guna, Bhind and Morena districts have been affected by heavy rains and floods. So far 1500 people have been evacuated from 32 villages of Sheopur district. Similarly, SDERF, NDERF, Army and BSF together have succeeded in evacuating about 5,950 people from 90 villages of Shivpuri and 2000 from Datia, Gwalior, Morena, Bhind.

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan said, “The damage has been extensive, transformers have been burnt, there is a loss of thousands of crores in road-bridge-culvert, personal loss is different but we are trying to give relief to all.”

Senior Congress leader and Rajya Sabha MP Digvijay Singh said, “Madhya Pradesh has experienced the worst floods in last 30 years, I have raised this issue in Rajya Sabha and demanded to declare it a national calamity.”

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