5 Wrong Food Combinations: The Consumption of Honey and Ghee Together Is Like Poison! Learn From The Doctor Here 5 Most Common Food Combinations Mistakes


Wrong Food Combinations: We consume a number of long food combinations on a daily basis.

Special things

  • Bad food combination is known as anti-diets in Ayurveda.
  • All those foods that cause health damage should be avoided.
  • Never eat sour, salty, spicy with milk at all.

Dangerous Food Combinations: We consume many bad or wrong food combinations on a daily basis. Poor food combinations can cause abdominal pain, bloating, fatigue, gas, and discomfort. These bad food combinations are known as anti-diets in Ayurveda. This means, combinations that are not in the mix and due to many other factors are also roughed up. There are also types of antics in Ayurveda such as against the common, against the time, against the country. If you mix foods of two different properties then it is either against the general or against the mixture. On the other hand, if you eat the things of winter in summer, then it is against time and consuming such foods which are not found in your area is called against the country. In such a situation, you should avoid all those food combinations that harm your health. Here Dr. Vinayak Abbott, Green H Clinic, New Delhi Learn about some bad food combinations here.

Do not eat these foods with milk and fruits. Do Not Eat These Foods With Milk And Fruits

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1. Do not eat these things with milk

Milk is something that is used in every household, but we often consume it with things with which milk can be harmful. Yes! Never eat any sour, salty, spicy or bakery food with milk. Biscuits should not be eaten. The most common mistake people make is making milkshakes. Consuming fruits with milk can be harmful for you. This can affect your digestion system.

2. Nonways with milk

Often people make this mistake and take non-veg with milk. You must have also heard many times that fish should not be consumed with milk. Doing so can have a bad effect on your health.

ogmdapa8Dangerous Food Combinations: One should avoid eating non-veg with milk.

3. Eggs with Milk

This is also the most common mistake. You should never consume eggs with milk. Elderly elders say that taking milk and eggs together is beneficial, but Ayurveda rejects this and forbids consuming these two together.

The right way to consume milk. Right Way To Consume Milk

The best way to consume eggs is that you can include either dates with milk or dry fruits with milk.

4. Wrong combination with fruit and vegetable

These kinds of fruit chats are very popular in the market nowadays or you will also try at home, but according to Dr. Vinayak, you should eat only one fruit at a time or if you are eating vegetable then you should eat a vegetable. If you consume things with the wrong combination then it can affect your digestive system.

5. Honey and Ghee

You should never consume honey and Dhee together. Dr Vinayak explains that in Ayurveda it is forbidden to consume both together. Or keep in mind that both these things are not found in the same amount in any combination. Consumption of both in equal quantity can be like poison in our body.

(Dr. Vinayak Abbott, Green H Clinic, New Delhi)

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