5 tips to boost Wi-Fi signal while working from home

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Updated: March 24, 2020 12:10:05 pm

Here is how you can boost your Wi-Fi signal strength. (Image: Pixabay)

With the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, people have been told to stay home and practice social distancing. Offices are asking their employees to work from home for a period which might be escalated to two or three more weeks. In this scenario, a proper Wi-Fi connection is mandatory to carry out your work duties.

You might have invested in a good broadband connection but there may be some problems which could slow down the internet speed. We are listing out ways to boost your Wi-Fi signal while you work remotely from your home.

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Optimal router placement

If you are receiving signal only when you are standing right next to your router, you need to change its location. The placement of the router can affect wireless coverage. For better signal strength, place the router in the centre of the house, away from walls. Do not place inside a cabinet or assign it to the far end of your home. Also, make sure there are no electronics near the router.

Take a look at the frequency

If you have a dual-band router, make sure to configure it for optimum performance, which might be the 5GHz band instead of the more common 2.4GHz band. The higher band offers faster speeds and encounters less interference from other wireless networks and devices. However, the 5GHz band doesn’t handle obstructions and also doesn’t reach as far as a 2.4GHz signal. So, choose the frequency of your router as per your need.

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Set the channel selection to Automatic

If you live in densely populated regions, signals from other wireless networks or other electronic devices may end up congesting the channel your router uses to connect to your devices. Set your router to Automatic selection mode so that your router can select the least congested channel for you. However, in case your router doesn’t have Auto channel selection option, you can manually select channel that works best for you.

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Use Quality of Service tool

Most modern routers these days come with Quality of Service or QoS tool that lets you set priority for different kind of tasks. You can set bandwidth for video calls, file downloads, or the complete usage of some apps. In this way, your video streaming will not stop when someone is trying to download a big file over the internet.

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Make sure the hardware is right

It’s better to upgrade your router and ditch the year old hardware. The old equipment sometimes is not best suited for the new firmware and ends up delivering low bandwidth. You can also add external antenna to your router if it doesn’t have one. A directional antenna often works better for a stronger signal.

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