39 police officers transferred – tamil nadu custodial deaths major shake up in tamil nadu police


There were 39 transfers in Tuticorin custody in the course of the investigation into the death case. (Symbolic picture)

Special things

  • Father-son death case in custody
  • Major changes in police department only during investigation
  • 39 police officers transferred, four chiefs replaced


The case of death in police custody in Tuticorin has created a ruckus all over the country. During the investigation of this case, major changes have been made in the Tamil Nadu Police Department. Police personnel have been transferred here across the state, while police chiefs have also been changed in four cities. In fact, under the Coronavirus lockdown, the police arrested Jayaraj and his son Benix for keeping their mobile shop in Tuticorin open for a long time. In the next two days, both of them died in police custody. Family members allege that the police had tortured them a lot during this period, due to which internal and external marks were found on their bodies. There has been a ruckus after this incident came to light. The matter has reached the Madras High Court, while the state government has handed over its investigation to the CBI.

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Under this major change in the police department, Assistant Superintendent of Police D Kumar and Deputy Superintendent of Police C Prathaban, who had come under target of investigation in the case, have been transferred. Both these officers are accused of disrupting the investigation. He has been accused in the magistrate's report submitted to the court. The court placed them on a "compulsory wait", but they have been transferred in violation of the court's instructions. C Prathaban has been appointed as an "anti-land grabbing special cell" and Kumar in Prohibition Enforcement Wing. Jayakumar has replaced Tuticorin Police Chief Arun Balagopalan on Tuesday.

On these transfers, the state government says that all-39 transfers were in the routine and were already decided. An official told NewsBust, 'These transfers were routine transfers. And was stuck for promotion. Many officers have also retired. These transfers are not at all in the Tuticorin range.

Please tell that the new Police Commissioner Mahesh Kumar Aggarwal has been appointed in Chennai. At the same time, Madurai's new police chief Prem Anand Sinha has been made. Dr. J Loganathan in Tiruchirappalli and G. Karthikeyan in Tiruppur have been made police commissioners.

Explain that in this case on Tuesday, the judicial magistrate's report was submitted to the court, which said that the policemen of Tuticorin's police station were not cooperating in the investigation, while the court staff was bullying them. . A constable even said that 'they can't spoil us anything'. It has been revealed in the report that the footage of the CCTV cameras of the police station is not available from the day after the arrest of Jayaraj-Benix on June 19, that is, the footage has been deleted.

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