300 positive mothers rescued babies from corona in womb, all infants negative after delivery of infected women at Ambedkar Hospital since May | 300 positive mothers rescued babies from corona in womb, all babies negative after delivery of infected women at Ambedkar Hospital since May

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  • 300 Positive Mothers Rescued Babies From Corona In Womb, All Infants Negative After Delivery Of Infected Women At Ambedkar Hospital Since May

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Dainik NewsBust India collected a photo of the staff who made safe delivery to the hospital.

(Piluram Sahu) There is a good news from the largest hospital in the state – Ambedkar Hospital has delivered 300 caregna infected women since May, all the infants are negative. The hospital underwent 160 cesareans and the rest were normal deliveries. The rest of the pregnant women were admitted for treatment of other problems, all have been discharged after treatment. The great thing is that even the medical staff was not infected.

From late Friday to Saturday morning, the infected women gave birth to 3 children and the corona test of all three was also negative. Doctors claim that probably the highest delivery of corona-infected women in Central India occurred here and that all infants were negative. In September itself, 1000 deliveries were made at Ambedkar and District Hospital Pandri, including Corona and Non Kovid. The number of new patients admitted here daily is up to 50.

Ambedkar was reserved for Corona patients in May. Then under the leadership of Dr. Trupti Nagaria, Dean of the then HOD and present-day Sims, the vocal department was shifted to the district hospital at Pandri. In addition to HOD Dr. Jyoti Jaiswal, Dr. Ruchi Kishore, Dr. Avinashi Kujur, Dr. Abha Daharwal, Dr. Kiran Aggarwal, Dr. Smriti Naik, Dr. Anchala Mahing, Dr. Neha Thakur, Dr. Suma Ekka, Dr. Anjum Khan, Dr. Shweta Dhruv, Dr. Neelam Singh, Dr. Madhuri Thakur and Dr. Meenu Keshkar are serving.

Safe delivery

Dr. Vishnu Dutt, Dean of Nehru Medical College, said that safe delivery of coronated women is being done. The team of Obs & Gynec is closely engaged.

She had only 6-year-old daughter at the hospital at the time of delivery

Seema Mishra of Rewa MP tells that during the intervening night of August 27, heavy rains caused labor. There was no one else at home at the time except my 6-year-old daughter. I called 112. After some time the team of 112 came to pick us up. A team of 112 took me safely to the district hospital, Pandri, on the night of that strong rain. There the doctors performed the operation and delivered, there with their help I gave birth to a healthy baby. Immediately after birth my son was also vaccinated.

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