30 people will be able to make a group call simultaneously, there will be an option to convert the group audio call directly into a video call. 30 people will be able to make group calls simultaneously, there will be an option to convert group audio call directly into video call

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  • 30 People Will Be Able To Make A Group Call Simultaneously, There Will Be An Option To Convert The Group Audio Call Directly Into A Video Call

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Telegram announced a year ago to bring the Telegram group video call feature. Finally Telegram has updated this feature. It can be used from mobile devices, tablets, desktops. Also, you can convert group audio call into video conference. With this update, new updates have come in the interface of group video calls. In this, animated backgrounds, you can send animated emoji while sending a message. The updated Telegram has a menu button specifically for bots.

To make a video call, tap on the camera icon

The most notable change in Telegram is to convert group audio calls into video calls. To do this, users have to tap on the camera icon. Once tapped, the video will turn on. After this, one member of the group can be pinned. You can see the video of the pinned members in front. Screen sharing option is also available in Telegram. This feature is not available in WhatsApp.

Selected screen will be shared

Tablet and desktop users get separate facilities during video calls. During this, they can split the screen to see the video grid and the list of people involved. In this, by rotating the screen, you can see in portrait and landscape. Desktop users can share the screen as per their choice. This means that during a group video call, users will be able to watch the selected program instead of the entire screen.

Can connect up to 30 people at once

For desktop users, there will be a separate window for voice chat so that you can chat without skipping a specific task. You can add up to 30 people in a telegram video call. In April last year, Telegram had first planned to bring the video calling feature. CEO Pavel Durov had planned to launch it in May. But it has been launched now.

Noise reduction feature has been given to clear the audio during voice chats. Users can also turn off the noise reduction feature. This will hear the surrounding sound.

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