3 New Aquaguard Water Purifier Models Going To Launch In Amazon Prime Day Sale

3 new Aquagiard water purifier models going to launch in Amazon prime day sale

The healthy living must be part of a basic lifestyle, and healthy food and pure drinking water is the basis of healthy living. Aquaguard is here with three of their advanced purifiers to rid you of any worries about drinking water. These products are available for purchase during the two-day Amazon Prime Day Sale starting on the 6th of August.

Clean drinking water is of the utmost importance to your health and your family’s. If you live in the city, your water probably comes from purification plants, or it might simply be groundwater. This water is clearly not safe for drinking and might cause serious defects and diseases. Contaminations, bacteria, and particles are major components in this water and drinking it without first thoroughly cleaning it is not suggested. Boiling it is a common method to rid normal water of contaminants and make it drinkable. Yet boiling water is time-consuming, demands a lot of energy, therefore not cost-effective, and the result might not even be thoroughly clean water as you wanted it to be.

Now, there are a few options available to you in terms of providing yourself and your family with clean water. The two most common of these that city dwellers seem to prefer are either getting drinking water from the market in large bottles, or simply install a water purifier at home. With the latter one, you need to be on your toes while choosing your own water purifier. There are tonnes of products out there that promise clean drinking water but fail to provide. Amongst the good ones, the options can be overwhelming.

The latest in cutting-edge technology in water purification is Reverse Osmosis, or RO purification for short. The folks over at Aquaguard have used and refined this technology and now present them to you in their range of advanced water purifiers.  

The three water purifiers to satisfy your clean water requirement and even adjusts the taste of the water according to the source,

  1. Aquaguard Marvel with RO+UV+UF+MTDS Purification
  2. Aquaguard Elite with RO+UV+UF+MTDS Purification, and
  3. Aquaguard Marvel UV+UF Purification

Not only do they provide continuous clean water but also make sure your convenience is not compromised with. The purification starts with the UV-E boiling technology, which gives comparable results as boiling water for over 20 minutes. Next comes the UV+UF phase that decontaminates the water from any present viruses or bacteria without using any kind of chemicals. Finally, if you wish to grab even cleaner water, the Aquaguard Elite and Marvel with RO purification technology would provide plenty of it. The RO technology rids your drinking water from harmful and heavy metals, hardness, pesticides, and TDS, providing you with the cleanest possible H2O any appliance can.

Also, Aquaguard’s patented technology offers you more than just clean and pure drinking water. It infuses the water with copper ions and essential minerals that contribute towards boosting your immune system and enhancing the taste of the water. Additionally, the MTDS technology is essentially a taste adjuster that provides you with sweet tasting water.

Regardless of which model of Aquaguard you choose, your water will go through a 6-stage purification process, starting with decontamination and ending with adding natural minerals to the ultra-refined drinking water. The result will be 100% pure, safe, minerally rich and sweet drinking water.

An Aquaguard can be easily mounted on a tabletop or even hung off a wall and is suitable to purify municipal water without any hassle. Water from borewells and even stored, tank water can be purified using the Aquaguard.

All that and the appliance looks incredible. It is a compact and stylish design that goes excellently with and even enhancing your kitchen décor.

The model Aquaguard Marvel (UV+UF) can easily cover all your basic water needs. The mineral guard instils the water with essential minerals, UV technology removes any harmful contaminants and the chemi-block removes any excess organic impurities. Your water will go through a total of 6 purification stages.

The other two models of Aquaguard, the Elite and Marvel (RO+UV+UF+MTDS) come with 7 stages and 8 stages of purification, respectively. The RO technology is what sets these other two apart. It effectively removes any hardness, pesticides and heavy metals from the water making it 100% clean and healthy to ingest.

Choose any of the models and remain clear on the fact that your drinking water can never be more safe to drink than with Aquaguard.


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