216 crore doses will be received from August to December, there will be an option of not just 2 but 8 vaccines. | 216 crore doses will be available from August to December, there will be an option of not just 2 but 8 vaccines.

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  • 216 Crore Doses Will Be Received From August To December, There Will Be An Option Of Not Just 2 But 8 Vaccines.

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Government claims on companies’ production plans … Vaccine doses will not be reduced.

  • 35.6 crore doses are already booked till July, out of which 20 crores were received, 16 crores order of states and private hospitals is different

The Central Government on Thursday released the complete roadmap of vaccine availability up to December 2021, amid complaints by the states of the vaccine deficiency. The central government claims that between August and December 2021, 216 crore vaccine doses will be available to the country. This number of vaccines will be sufficient for 95 million adults in the country. Currently there are only two vaccines Kovishield and Kovaxine available in the country, while by December there will be 6 more vaccine options in addition to these two.

The head of the National Expert Group on Vaccine Administration for Kovid-19 (Negvac), Prof. V.K. Paul, says that 216 crore doses of vaccine are expected to be available in India from August to December -21. Prof. Paul says that Sputnik-V vaccine is currently licensed in addition to Kovishield and Kovacine.

These three will get 145.6 million doses between August and December-21. In addition, Bio E, Zydus Cadila, Serum’s Novavax, Bharat Biotech’s Nasal Vaccine and Genova Company’s Vaccine Trial are in the third phase. The government has also got their production plan. Till July, the center has ordered 35.6 million vaccine doses. Of which 20 crores have been found so far. 16 crore has been ordered by the states and private hospitals as well.
Vaccine trial allowed on children

Vaccine clinical trials have been approved for people between 2 years and 18 years. In 5-6 months, vaccine manufactured in the country will also be available for children.

The population of 18+ is around 98 crores, out of which 3.95 crores have got both doses … even if 10% vaccine is bad then enough vaccines for the remaining population

These 216 crore dose companies are making for India only. It has to buy 50% of the center and 50% of the states. Only 18+ are getting vaccinations in the country. The population of this age group is about 98 crores. In which only 3.95 crores have got both doses. 189 crore doses are required for both doses of the remaining population.

That is, even if 10% is spoiled in 216 crore doses, there will be enough vaccines. Prof. Paul said that Mordana, Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson reported the availability of the vaccine in August. No one has applied for the license so far. The application will be approved in one day.

Sputnik-V can be available from next week
The Russian Sputnik-V vaccine may also start selling in the country from next week. It will have 15.6 crore doses available by December.

India biotech willing to share cocaine technology, interested companies come forward: Prof. V.K. Paul
Negvac chief ProVK Paul said he has spoken to the company on making the biotechnology technology of Bharat Biotech, co-produced with ICMR, public. The company has no objection to technology sharing. However, in this technique, the virus is inactivated and used in the vaccine, which is possible only in BSL-3 lab. The number of vaccine manufacturer companies equipped with this capability is less in the country. Pro. Paul said that this is an open invitation to all interested companies. If they come forward, the government will provide all possible help in this.

Difference between two doses of covshield now 12-16 weeks

The difference between the two doses of the covishield vaccine has now been increased from 6-8 weeks to 12-16 weeks. Entagi’s recommendation has been approved by the Union Ministry of Health.

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