2019 ODI World cup Finals: On this day England became world champion by boundary count rule | On this day, England became the World Champion for the first time, the winner was declared after the match and the super over tie was imposed.


  • Both the final match and the super over of the ODI World Cup were held in England last year, England became the first champions on the basis of boundary count rules.
  • The Boundary Count Rule was criticized by former players, umpires and fans, and was changed only three months later.
  • New Zealand had earlier scored 241 runs, in response, England team was also all out for 241 runs.

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Jul 14, 2020, 11:06 AM IST

Last year, on this day on the Lord's ground, host England became the first ODI World Champion. The final match between England and New Zealand and the Super Over were both tied. This was the first time in the history of the World Cup. The winner was then decided based on the boundary count rule.

In this case, England-New Zealand were overshadowed as they hit 22 fours and 2 sixes in the match, while the Kiwi team hit 2 sixes and 14 fours in their innings.

Boundary count rule changed 3 months after England became world champion

After this the ICC rule was severely criticized and the rule was removed after three months. It was decided that if the final and semi-final matches tie in the ICC tournament, the super over would continue until one team scored more than the other team. This rule will be applicable in both ODIs and T20s. At the same time, if there is a super over tie in the group stage of the tournament, then the match will remain a tie.

What happened in the final match
New Zealand batted first after winning the toss in the World Cup final held on 14 July last year. The Kiwi team scored 241 runs at the loss of 8 wickets. England had a target of 242 runs to become World Champion, but the host team could also score 241 runs in the prescribed 50 overs and the match was tied.

Under the rules, the knockout stage was to be decided by a super over when the tie took place. The Super Over was brought in for the first time in ODIs and for the first time in the World Cup.

Both teams scored 15-15 runs in the super over too

Both teams could score 15–15 runs in the super over as well and the match was tied and the winner could not be decided once again. After this the Boundary Count Rules of ICC came into use. Under this, the winner was to be decided on the basis of the match in case of tie and super over. In this case, England won the game and became the world champion for the first time. New Zealand had a total of 16, while England had 24 boundaries in the entire match.


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