2 lakh tech support scams detected in India in Q1 2021: Report | Blocked more than 2 lakh scam attacks in the first quarter of the year, hackers targeting vulnerable users

New Delhi36 minutes ago

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Cyber ​​security company Avast has released its report for the first quarter of 2021. The company’s researchers said that it detected and blocked more than 200,000 tech support scam attacks. In a tech support scam, fraudsters were attacking users with the intention of fixing a computer, device, or software.

According to the report, once the hackers have access to the user’s system, they install malware in it, after which they are able to access his system and data. can even harm him. Avast believes that tech support fraud remains a big issue within the country.

We target weak users
“Tech support fraud is now commonplace. Hackers target the most vulnerable users. Criminals exploit victims with money or personal information. Remember that whether it’s a phone call,” said Alexej Savsin, senior malware analyst at Avast Whether or website, Legitimate Technical Support will never actively contact you to fix a problem. If in doubt, don’t connect to it. Don’t give access to your device, or share any personal data Criminals who have access to your sensitive data can exploit it by accessing financial accounts, health records or other essential services.”

Damage caused by remote connection
The researchers cautioned, “Once on the phone, scammers try to persuade callers to establish a remote connection to their computer and sometimes another remote management without knowing how to maintain a constant connection to the user’s PC.” Let’s download the software.”

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