18 thousand crore rupees left in the pockets of vaccine companies; Center will get Rs 150 per dose for both vaccines. 18 thousand crore rupees left in the pockets of vaccine companies; Center will get Rs 150 per dose for both vaccines

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  • 18 Thousand Crore Rupees Left In The Pockets Of Vaccine Companies; Center Will Get Rs 150 Per Dose For Both Vaccines

New DelhiOne hour agoAuthor: Pawan Kumar

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The Center has not only refused, but has instructed the companies to ensure the vaccine supply on time.

  • 300-400 to the states. I was getting Rs 16,800 crore from the central government. will cost
  • 34,720 crore if the state governments had bought the vaccine for the age group of 18 to 44. would have cost

The central government has started procurement of vaccines for the age group of 18 to 44. Along with this, it has also been decided that both the vaccines, including Kovishield and Covaccine, will cost Rs. Will buy per dose. Whereas, the states will get a covishield Rs.300. and Covaccine 400 Rs. Received per dose.

The Center has decided to procure 25% of the states’ share on its own. Earlier, these purchases were to be done by the states, in which their Rs 34,720 thousand crores. Get spent. Now for this, the Central Government has to pay Rs. There will be expenses. That is, 17,920 crores will be saved.

The Center has ordered 44 crore doses in the first phase for the age group of 18 to 44. It has been clarified that vaccines from Serum Institute and Bharat Biotech will be procured at the old price only. However, companies want the Center to buy at the price fixed for the states. But, the Center has not only refused to do so, but has also directed the companies to ensure the vaccine supply on time.

Center will buy 112 crore doses for 18-44 age group, target of vaccine for all by December

According to the Ministry of Health, 60 crore people in the age group of 18 to 44 will get the vaccine. Of these, 4 crore have been vaccinated. The remaining 56 crores have to be given 112 crore doses, which the Center will buy and give to the states. 90% of the vaccine is being used in the country, while 10% of the vaccine is being used.

300 for 100.8 crore doses of Covishield in 112 crore doses. 30,240 crore as against Rs. Had expenses. Similarly, about 11.2 crore doses of Covaccine cost about Rs 4480 crore. Had expenses. But, now 15,120 crores on Covishield and only 1,680 crores on Covaccine. There will be expenses.

Vaccines in private hospitals will be as expensive as before

Covishield 600 to private hospitals. and Covaccine Rs. 1,200. Only per dose. Hospital Rs.150 Service charge can be collected. That is, Covishield inclusive of GST is Rs 780 and Covaxin Rs 1,410. Per dose.

Another research center will do- Government planning a trial on vaccine mixing

A study will start soon in the country that what is the effect of giving vaccine doses of different companies to the same person? Does this increase the effect of the vaccine or not? Vaccine mixing is scientifically called ‘heterogeneous immunization’. In this, if there is a shortage of vaccine of any company, then another dose of the person can be administered from another company.

Some countries including Germany, France have already started studies in this regard. India has not yet allowed it. Covishield, Covaccine and Sputnik-V vaccines are currently being used in India. Some scientists believe that having the second dose from a different company will make the immunity stronger against the virus.

This experiment has proved to be true in some countries on viral vector vaccines such as Covishield/AstraZeneca. In view of this, the government has made preparations to conduct the study. It can be announced in the next few days.

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