16 september history: today is M S Subbulakshmi birth anniversary know other events – day of 16 September: Bharat Ratna M.S.


Bharat Ratna MS Subbalakshmi was born on this day.

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Today In History: Bharat Ratna awarded M.S. Subbalakshmi (M S Subbulakshmi) is known as the unmatched talent of the music world and the undisputed melody queen. The date of 16 September is recorded in history as the birthday of this great music teacher. Born on 16 September 1916 in the city of Madurai in Tamil Nadu, Subbalakshmi started learning music at the age of five and recorded her first disc at the age of ten. He sang songs in many languages ​​of the country. It was the effect of his art practice that Lata Mangeshkar called him 'Tapaswini', Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan named him 'Susvaralakshmi', Kishori Amonkar called him 'Eighth Sur', which is higher than the seven notes of music. . He was awarded the Padma Bhushan in 1954 for his contribution to the arts sector.

A series of other major events recorded on the date of 16 September in the history of the country are as follows:

1630: Schomut, a neighborhood in Massachusetts, was renamed Boston, now a major US city.

1795: Britain captured Cape Town in South Africa.

1821: Mexico's independence was recognized.

1848 : France abolished slavery in all its colonies.

1861 : UK Post Office introduced the facility of savings bank accounts.

1906 : Roald Amundsson of Norway discovered magnetic south pole.

1908 : William Crepo Billy founded the automobile manufacturer General Motors.

1916 : Bharat Ratna classical singer and actress M.S. Birth of Subbalakshmi.

1967 : Soviet Union conducts nuclear test in eastern Kazakh.

1977 : Kesarbai Kerkar died in Bombay.

1978 : General Zia ul Haq elected President of Pakistan.

1986: 177 people died after being trapped in a gold mine in South Africa.

2007: 89 people died after the One to Go airline crashed in Thailand.

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