12 points for a win in a test, 4 for a draw and 6 points for a tie, each team will play 6 series. 12 points for a win in a test, 4 points for a draw and 6 points for a tie, each team will play 6 series

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  • 12 Points For A Win In A Test, 4 For A Draw And 6 Points For A Tie, Each Team Will Play 6 Series

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The International Cricket Council (ICC) has announced the second cycle (2021-23) of the World Test Championship (WTC). This cycle will start with the five-Test series between India and England to be played from August. Along with this, the ICC has also announced the points system for the second WTC. Under the second WTC, the series of all the teams are already decided. However, the ICC has not yet announced the venue and date of the final.

However, it has not yet been decided where the final match will be played.

Teams will try to win instead of draw
The ICC has stated that all matches under the WTC cycle will have the same number of points. For winning a match, you will get 12 points. If the match is drawn, both the teams will get 4 points each. At the same time, in the event of a tie, both the teams will get 6 points each. In the previous cycle, if the match was drawn, half the winning points were given. This time only one third of the points will be awarded in the event of a draw, so the teams will focus more on winning rather than on a draw.

Only two series of 5 test matches
Apart from the India-England series in the second cycle of the WTC, 5-5 Test matches will be played in the Ashes series to be held in Australia later this year. The Test series between India and Australia to be held in India will be the only series of 4 matches. The cycle will have 7 series of 3 test matches and 13 series of 2 test matches.

Total 9 teams will participate
A total of 9 teams are involved in the second cycle of the WTC. Apart from India, England, Australia and New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa, West Indies, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh are part of it. Each team has to play 6 series. There will be 3 home series and 3 away series.

England will play most matches
In this cycle, the maximum number of 21 Test matches will be played by the England team. Indian team will play 19 and Australia team will play 18 test matches. South Africa will play 15 and Pakistan will play 14 matches. The defending champion New Zealand team will play 13 matches. Apart from India, England and Australia, no other team will play more than 3 matches in any of its series. Bangladesh is the only team out of 9 teams that will play only 2 matches in each series.

Penalty for slow over rate
ICC has also announced the imposition of penalty for slow over rate. For every over, 1 point will be deducted for the guilty team.

Percentage point system will be applicable
Like last time, this time every series does not have 120 points. Equal points are awarded for each match. However, the percentage point system has been continued. A table will be drawn based on the percentage of points that any team gets out of the points available to them.

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