12 percent Indians don’t plan to take vaccine another 12 percent fear side effects says localcircle survey | 12% of the country’s population does not want to get the vaccine, 24% of the people doubt the safety of the vaccine, so they did not plan to get it

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  • 12 Percent Indians Dont Plan To Take Vaccine Another 12 Percent Fear Side Effects Says Localcircle Survey

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There is talk of third wave coming in the country. Despite this, 12 percent of the country’s population does not want to get the Kovid-19 vaccine. Social media platform LocalCircle has conducted a survey to understand the hesitation among those who have not yet got the vaccine, what they think about it. The survey says that only 29 percent of the people are planning for the first dose of the vaccine.

Survey done in 279 districts of the country
The survey covered 8,949 people from 279 districts of the country. This included 65 percent men and 35 percent women. Of these, 48 percent people were from Tier-1 city and 24 percent from Tier-2 city. At the same time, 28 percent people were from tier-3, 4 cities and rural areas.

24% doubt the safety of the vaccine
24 percent of the people have not yet thought of getting the vaccine. Whether the current vaccine is effective in protecting against the recent and other variants of the corona, these people have not been able to decide. They believe, when more new information comes out on the vaccine, it can be installed.

Diseases prevented 23% of people
The survey says that there are 23 percent people in the country who are unable to get the vaccine due to diseases or some health issue. At the same time, 12 percent say that they have distanced themselves from the vaccine amid the dangers of side effects.

33 crore people can distance themselves from the vaccine
According to the survey report, 33 crore people can distance themselves from the vaccine. 203 million people can get the vaccine when it becomes available for the first time. 168 million people will wait until more information is available on the vaccine. The report warns that between August and December, the third wave of Kovid may come with the delta plus variant.

People are confused about vaccine in villages
There is still confusion and misinformation among people about the vaccine in rural areas. People in villages of states like Assam believe that getting the vaccine will lead to death. At the same time, the people of the city are waiting to see how effective CoveShield and Covaccine are on dangerous variants of Corona like Delta and Delta Plus. They are waiting for more official figures on this.

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