106-year-old Kamali Bai got corona vaccine, this advice given to those who are afraid of vaccine …


106 years old woman Kamli Bai gets corona vaccine


Even though there is still hesitation in some sections of the society about the Corona virus vaccine, there are some people who are setting an example. They are getting Corona vaccine regardless of increasing age and diseases. In this list, 106-year-old Kamali Bai’s name is attached. 106-year-old grandmother Kamali Bai is a resident of Bilkho village. He too got vaccinated and said that only the vaccine can win the war against Corona.

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Kamali Bai, 106 years old, administered Corona’s first vaccine at the Berasia Center in Bhopal. Officials of the Health Department of Madhya Pradesh gave this information. According to the information received from the Aadhaar card of Kamali Bai, he was born on 01 January 1915. Last Saturday, a 118-year-old woman Tulsibai was administered a corona vaccine from Madhya Pradesh in Sagar district. Tulsibai lives in Khimlasa area of ​​Sagar. His age was also confirmed with the Aadhar card.


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