100% adherence to protocol; Zero tolerance, 100% vaccination, result – not a single soldier had to admit in the hospital. | 12 Army Cantt, 6 Airbases and 6 BSF Headquarters did not admit a single Sainik Hospital, the Air Force imposed the lockdown in February itself.


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JaipurOne hour agoAuthor: DD Vaishnav

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Patrolling at the border following the distance at night.

In the country, when the Corona created a furore, then the army’s 100: 0: 100 formula proved to be a meaningful weapon in winning the war against the Corona. In fact, when the second wave of Corona was called in February, only then our army waged a war against Corona. As vigilance is part of the army’s work, the army followed 100 per cent protocol, zero tolerance and 100 per cent vaccination.

As a result, when Corona was wreaked havoc all over Rajasthan, there was not a single army in the base of more than 24 Army, Air Force and BSF in Rajasthan that needed to be hospitalized. The infected were also asymptomatic, returning from the holiday. How did the army achieve this and what is the army’s 100: 0: 100 formula? Understand NewsBust India’s ground report …

Airforce: Lockdown imposed since mid-February, vaccination completed in March

Prohibited from coming out of Jodhpur Air Force Base from 20 February.

Prohibited from coming out of Jodhpur Air Force Base from 20 February.

Suratgarh, Nal, Phalodi, Jaisalmer, Uttarlai and Jodhpur. Six large airforce airbases in Rajasthan.

  • Power of emergency decision to the station commander.
  • A lockdown was imposed as soon as the second wave was anticipated in mid-February. Implemented single window system only for urgent work.
  • In the past December and January, the prohibition of going out on mid-term break or leave.
  • Local civil servants working in the base were also banned from entering.
  • Mandated vaccination, both doses were completed by March.
  • In addition to the top level officers in the office, everyone was sent to work from home.
  • Briefing or meeting in the office only when secret. During this, the AC closed, keeping the doors and windows open and interacting from a distance.
  • Instructions to use a hand fan or cardboard if the heat warms. Morning meeting by sitting far away in the open field.
  • Banned fridge, water cooler, ice water, cold drink in office.

Army: If the candle is extinguished after wearing a mask, then the mask has to be changed immediately

There are only necessary meetings in the cant, that too in the open.

There are only necessary meetings in the cant, that too in the open.

Jaipur, Jodhpur, Ganganagar, Bikaner, Barmer, Pokaran, Kota, Udaipur Large Cantt Area

  • Less than 50% of staff allowed as soon as the second wave is expected.
  • It is necessary to wear a double mask. N-95 with surgical or cloth. The same applies to the family.
  • Discussion on new threats and corona protocol during briefing.
  • PT or training also from two yards.
  • Coronatians for seven days straight from outside.
  • Examining him after wearing a mask. If the candle is extinguished by wearing a mask, we get it replaced immediately. Checking by adding water to the mask, it is necessary to change it when the water is dripping. That is, if there is no leakage then the virus will not go.
  • Prohibition on going to civil area, order to stay indoors.
  • Canteen goods online

BSF: 6 feet distance is also necessary in border patrolling

Frontier Jodhpur, Ganganagar, Bikaner, Jaisalmer North and South, Barmer Sector Office etc. Big Headquarters.

  • Double mask required since February. There is also a minimum distance of 6 feet during petroling at the border.
  • Guarding the border of more than a thousand km, but not a single young man is in the hospital.
  • So far only 80 jawans have been infected but all asymptomatic. All of them had returned from holidays.
  • Door to door supply of grocery, milk, vegetable, fruit.

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