10 advice during JEE Main 2021 know details – JEE Main 2021: exam will start tomorrow, keep these 10 things in mind


Keep these things in mind during the exam

1- Read the instructions properly: To avoid missing any important information, read the information carefully.

2- Selection of section: First try Chemistry section and solve its questions, because if you finish this section quickly, then you can give enough time to the rest of the section.

3- Give time to each section, do time management: Divide the time wise for each section, by doing this you will be able to give enough time to each section. Make sure that you are not spending too much time for any section. It is advised to spend 40 minutes on chemistry, 60 minutes on mathematics and 80 minutes on physics.

4- Time taken out for each question: Do not spend too much time on one question. If any question comes, do it immediately, but do not spend more than three minutes on any question.

5- Read all the questions: It is important to read each question carefully. Understand every question that he wants to ask. If the candidates read the questions well then the candidates can avoid making mistakes.

6- Read the options carefully: It is necessary to read all four options carefully. Do not be hasty while reading them.

7- Stay calm during the exam: It is important for everything in life, so keep peace in mind even during the exam.
Whenever you get time during the exam, try to take a couple of long breaths, because it relaxes the mind.

8- Believe in yourself: If they believe in themselves then they can achieve anything Motivation is an important factor for everything in their life. It is necessary to believe in yourself for this or any other test.

9- Don’t create new concepts immediately: Discard concepts that are new to the end. It is a good practice to solve whatever you know before moving on to new concepts.

10- Do not guess, make sure: It is not advisable to choose answers that are based on guess. Candidates should ideally leave out questions about which they are not sure and answer only those about which they feel confident.


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