1.5 million paying guests staying in 2 lakh homes gone, loss of Rs 750 crore | 1.5 million paying guests staying in 2 lakh homes gone, loss of Rs 750 crore

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  • 1.5 Million Paying Guests Staying In 2 Lakh Homes Gone, Loss Of Rs 750 Crore

Ahmedabad7 minutes ago

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  • 15 lakh people used to live here in college, university, employed, 1500 crore business in four big cities, only 20% left PG
  • During the lockdown, 70 percent people left the room, the most difficult came on the families who depended on it.

(Mitesh Brahmbhatt) Many businesses and jobs have been shut down due to the lockdown or hitchhiking. As such, the ongoing Paying Guest (PG) and rental business in Ahmedabad has also shifted to oxygen. Operators told that about 15 lakh boys-girls, job-people used to live in about two lakh PG centers.

PG operators used to take at least Rs 5 thousand per month from a person for living, eating two meals and tea for two times. This led to 1.5 million people living in PG paying 750 crore rupees per month for living and eating.

When the lockdown occurred, 70 percent of the people living in PG left the room. Whereas at present only 20 to 30 percent people live. Most of the people associated with PG business are those who depended on the same business, due to which the condition of their family has become miserable.

It is noteworthy that most of the PG centers in West Ahmedabad used to run at satellite, Vastrapura, Gurukul Road, Sola, ScienceCity, Navarangpura, Naranpura, Gujarat University, Ghatsalodiya, Paladi, Lassana, Ambawadi. In the PG Center, an AC room for 8 thousand rupees in which the light bill dweller had to pay. The monthly rent for living in a separate room was charged from 10 to 15 thousand.

I forgive girls rent but Landlord doesn't

I am a widow and live with my son and live by driving a PG. In the satellite sector, I run PG Center named Induben Dhorajiwala Girls Paying Service. The lockdown occurred when the girls who lived in our PG and their parents could not pay the rent did not ask for the rent. Also arranged to send them home. Whereas our landlord is not willing to forgive a single month's rent.

– pilbane readers, Satellite, PG Center Director

My 5 centers are running, if this situation happens then PG center will have to be closed

I have five PG centers in Navrangpura. Apart from this, 200 PG centers were run in CG Road and Navarangpura area. Most of them are in a closed condition recently. If this goes on, then we too have to stop PG business and start some other business.

– Mahesh Patel, PG Director, Navrangpura



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