A Swadesi Ride: One More Feather Added To Modi’s Make In India Campaign After This Indian’s Cab Startup

The transportation systems around which the modern world has been built are on the verge of a significant transformation. India, lingering in the transport industry have seen a surge in recent years with new technology advancements. Transport plays a very vital role in the development of a country’s economy by determining overall productivity, quality of life of citizens, access to goods and services and the pattern for distribution of economic activity.

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New technologies are transforming the way citizens are planning, designing, building, and operating transportation systems. Travelers depend on traffic condition reports, electronic maps, on-board vehicle performance monitors, real-time transit arrival information, and a host of other services that did not exist a generation ago. People now don’t need to wait long hours to hire cab services or taxies or auto-rickshaws, they just need to handy the app and enjoy the rides.

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U-RYD is a mobile application and website providing lakhs of people an approach to a simple and the quickest way to get cab facilities anywhere and anytime. In this professional and speedily growing world, everybody needs a one-time solution for the transportation facilities without any hindrance. So, U-RYD brings an excellent solution by creating better possibilities for travelers, drivers, and places.

About Rahul Mishra: 

Mr. Rahul Mishra is a former Client Relationship Manager in Techsaga Corporations. Having work association of clients across the Globe wiz. USA, UAE, Singapore, Europe etc. he has groomed his personality many folds. He started his career working with a small firm as an Executive. With consistent efforts and dedication towards responsibility, he has now reached this level today. Consistent Approach, Listening and Understanding the Clients’ requirement and Execution to the fullest are the key motives of Rahul Mishra.

Exclusive Interview with U-Ryd (Online Cab Service Provider) CEO Mr. Rahul Mishra :